Company profile

Our Market
Our company primarily operates in Slovenia and South-Eastern Europe. An important part of our business is preparation, application, implementation and management of cross border cooperation projects supported by different international funds. In this way we have a unique opportunity for establishment of cross border partnerships and transfer of know-how, best practices and ideas.  

Our Services
We constantly adapt to the demands of the market and understand their needs and goals of our clients. This is why we like to say that our company does not produce documents, but offers expert consults and sound advices. Through close cooperation with our clients we deliver tailored solutions that uncover routes to our client’s goals!  

Rapid changes in the demands of the market, changes in the needs of our clients, innovation and flexibility of our employees are a great starting point for continuous upgrading of existing services and development of new services. This is why we recently entered into the development of new consultancy services related to valuations of ecosystem services, assessments of environmental damages and sustainable management of natural resources.

Our Employees
Business success of our company is based on the commitment and knowledge of our employees. We strive to acquire, motivate and develop dedicated and capable employees, invest in the skills and development of all employees and to encourage flexibility and innovation of our employees. This approach allows high quality of our services, which reflect through the success of the projects and satisfaction of our clients.

Quality assurance
Our employees advocate quality, rational, successful and most of all useful solutions. Every result of our work is suited to the needs of our clients. Through active and close involvement of clients in our work process we get to know our clients, learn from them and develop the solutions together with them. In this way we ensure that our results are well understood, that our clients can identify with them and can put them to practical use.

Our Partners
We closely cooperate with a wide network of trusted business partners that operate in Slovenia and abroad. Our business partners have specific expertise in the fields of:
•    Spatial planning,
•    Design of buildings and infrastructure,
•    Spatial and environmental modelling,
•    Waste management,
•    Preparation of technical documentation for development projects.

The experts that can be incorporated into the project team can cover a wide range of specific expertise in various fields. Together with our partners we can also provide professional and quality execution of projects according to the principle "from idea to implementation" or take control and supervision over the implementation of such projects.
3.    Services
3.1    Environmental Protection
3.1.1    Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) for Programmes and Spatial Plans
3.1.2    Appropriate Assessments (AA) for Programmes and Spatial Plans
3.1.3    Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
3.1.4    Expert Evaluations of Environmental Impacts
3.1.5    Environmental Protection Programmes
3.1.6    Vulnerability Studies
3.1.7    Identifications of best locations for Investments and Development Projects

3.2    Nature conservation
3.2.1    Valorisations of areas of high natural value and protected areas
3.2.2    Establishment of replacement habitats
3.2.3    Management plans for areas of high natural value and protected areas