Key Experts

Matjaž Harmel
Matjaž Harmel has spent his youth around Cerkniško jezero and in surrounding forests. So after high school no one was really surprised when he decided to study forestry. His was first employed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, but after a few years of work, he began to miss the daily contact with nature. That is why he began working for environmental consultancy company Oikos, which he established along with a group of study friends from Ecological reconnaissance of scouts Slovenia.  Here he continued his career that was from then on focused especially on projects related to the protection of the environment, nature and management of natural resources. In 2012, he founded the environmental consultancy company ZaVita, svetovanje, d.o.o. and became its director. Here he continues his professional career as one of the leading experts in management of natural resources, environmental protection and protection of nature in Slovenia. He regularly assumes the role of a vital member of international project teams working on strategic projects in the countries of Western Balkans. His main advantage is that in addition to the knowledge gained through formal and informal education, he understands natural processes and is thus capable of finding the right solution that will yield expected results.

Klemen Strmšnik
Klemen Strmšnik (born on 9th December 1981) has been active in environmental consultancy even before he finished his studies on University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Geography. He was an external team member in several EIA projects. He used that knowledge for his graduation thesis on EIA for deposition of inert waste in Hudej-Ples sand-pit. After graduation in 2006 he joined Oikos d.o.o. as junior expert for environmental management and geographic information systems (GIS). Since then he gained vast experience in both EIA and SEA projects, ranging from small projects/local programmes to large infrastructure projects/programmes on the local, regional and national level. In 2008 he became Project Manager in the fields of environmental and natural resources management. He is also very active on other environmental projects and spatial planning projects, such as Water Pollution Risk Evaluation, Flood Risk Analysis, Public Infrastructure Plans for Municipalities and Development Zones, and Local Environmental Action Programmes. Through practical work on projects he gained good knowledge of environmental permitting systems and procedures, EU regulations and understanding of EU environmental and spatial planning policy. In addition, he acquired project management, organizational, coordination and reporting skills and upgraded his GIS and cartographic skills. In the last year he turned his attention to natural resources management, especially in the field of spatial planning and its impacts on the loss of farmland due to new development areas and subsequent decrease of food security. In 2012 he decided that it was time for new challenges and took the opportunity to be involved in development of a new consultancy company ZaVita d.o.o., where he is currently employed. He is currently very active in development of new products dealing with ecosystem services, environmental damages and efficiency in management of infrastructure systems and natural resources.