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ZaVita d.o.o.
Tominškova 40
SI - 1000 Ljubljana
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Phone: +386 (0) 41 711 794
+386 (0) 51 641 211
ID number: 6158234000
TAX number: SI92303633
Bank account: SI56 2900 0005 0542 580

ZaVita is a consultancy company that was formed by a group of experts in the fields of environmental protection, management of natural resource and infrastructure, nature conservation, rural development, regional development and strategic planning. We primarily operate in Slovenia and South-Eastern Europe. Our clients are international organizations, government agencies, local authorities, private companies and NGOs.

We offer first class services and we want to exceed your expectations. This is achieved through dedicated and responsible work, knowledge and a wide network of competent external partners, who complement our services with their knowledge and expertise. That is why our clients keep coming back to us and recommend us to others.