We provide solutions that work.

We provide innovative, socially responsible and effective solutions in nature conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Our clients are public institutions, companies, as well as international and non-governmental organizations. We work predominantly in EU countries and South-Eastern Europe, but also in the Caucasus region and in the Middle East. With a network of reliable partners and external experts we provide widely acceptable and effective solutions for our clients. We are distinguished by ingenuity, flexibility and reliability, which is why our initial cooperation with our clients often evolves into long-term partnerships.




We provide solutions that work.

Our solutions are developed on the basis of our knowledge, research, experience and simulations. Our clients, competent authorities and interested stakeholders are all actively involved throughout the entire process. As we are aware that the journey towards an objective is just as important as the objective itself, we devote a great deal of our attention to communication and cooperation with key stakeholders. In this way, we ensure all involved in implementation of the solution in practice have a clear understanding, thus significantly contributing to pursued objectives.

Our team consists of eight members. We also work with a wide network of established external experts, whom we include in our projects if needed. We assemble a team that can provide optimum solutions for every client and each individual project.


At ZaVita, we are convinced that local inhabitants are those deserving the most credit for preserving nature.

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At ZaVita, we aspire to develop feasible, effective and legitimate solutions, directed at ensuring high quality environment.

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ZaVita’s team believes that sustainable development is the only true form of development. 

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