SEA of the IP SI-AT 2021-2027

Dear sir/madam,

The preparation of the new Interreg programme Slovenia-Austria 2021-2027 is accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to identify potential negative impacts created by the programme on the environment at an early stage. The draft Environmental Report has been prepared and presents the interim results of the assessment of environmental effects.

The SEA process includes as a key element the consultation of the public for any comments on the assessments made. We therefore kindly ask you to share with us your comments and observations based on the provided draft Environmental Report. The comments given will be taken into account when preparing the final version of the report and subsequently in the preparation process of the Interreg programme.

You can provide your comments and observations to relevant chapters either in English, German or Slovene language. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Kind regards,
The Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat and the SEA team

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